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Sir Noble Man
Giver of plenty,
giver of many,
giver of all;
that stretchable spirit,
expansive as eternal
malleable, and
the ruby
in the rough
everyone wants
a piece of-
to hold,
to own-
the intangible
that is
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 0
I curl within myself,
defenseless as the fetus
I was.
rolls me up,
a ball of
that lays
in my throat;
a knot of
to choke on.
The desire to
run away
stings my soul,
as I long for
my happy place;
a better place
than this,
the maddening
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 0
Woe is she..
She writes
as blindly as she loves;
she burns
as endlessly as
the existence of
for she constantly
and dies.
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 0
Te dejo Espana
Te dejo España,
and all your drama,
for your fate lies in the hands of
the Universe
And I see your future, España,
cliché as it ever were:
“You reap what you sew”—
didn’t you know?
For every mouth you’ve ever kissed with
your pointed tongue of
and the truth you ever
in your eyes-
from me..
Te dejo, España;
even though you are in my veins,
my heart you are not,
as you first abandoned me in yours, and
sang to me songs of deceit-
when indeed from my presence you did flee
Te dejo, España,
together we no longer are;
“Te dejo”,
said my weeping heart…
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 0
Le Chat Noir
Traveling about your person
are those faded eyes of
peeling away
every layer of
the secrets
you thought you successfully
A master
in all his underlying
reels you in
at first glance;
gentle paws colored
of night's deepest pitch,
he moves with
the confidence of
the sleekest top cat,
never fully unveiling
the depth of his story;
the deliberation of his every
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 4
Cruelty, thy name is...
Cruelty, thy name is
Oh, how you snatch the light of
my soul,
and consume it utterly;
together we burn…
Matador of my heart,
whip me into submission with
the leather of your love,
for neither the world nor I shall know
none the finer-
and make your inevitable exit,
as you, barefoot, tread upon
the shattered pieces of
my glass heart,
leaving behind you,
no remorse, for you bleed
for no one, in all the
solitude of your lonely existence-
yet ever I love you…
~At times I feel he loves me- yet he leaves, and I’m left with the feeling that it’s only me…
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 2
I told him.
I told him
he could
pull my hair;
the gentility of his touch
misled me to believe
he couldn’t
thrash me.
And oh, how
I *so*
wanted that
to become of me
by those hands;
those deliberate,
purposefully mobile
softer than clouds
to the feel,
storms of passion
within them
Time was
a whirlwind
betwixt us-
blinded and deafened
were we,
by the lightning
we made;
between pristine sheets,
in a bed with
no name.
And in that numbered
there was only
he and I;
and in that golden
I told him
that I love him;
he told me
he knew.
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 6
First Sight in Hindsight.
You always were
a bit of a
boastful bastard,
weren’t you?
In that silent way
your aura
as you stood
solitarily askew
from the merrily dancing crowd;
the magnetism of your
struck and
reeled me in.
I told you of
the greatness that is
and so you swept me
into the swinging sea of
where together we created
an aloneness-
a passionate,
I wished to
consume you whole-
eat your flesh,
and drink your blood;
inject your marrow
into my soul.
Despite all this,
I should have known-
the vastness of
your vanity
was never a match
for me;
I die
by your thoughtless hands-
expense of my heart,
a cost too great
for any man.
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 2
A black cloud
blanketed the city
and seemed to
follow me
everywhere I went;
an inescapable darkness
like a shadow over me
during my darkest hour:
little falling raindrops
on a window,
gently scattering my sight,
like every tear
I’ve shed
within these years.
A raucous silence
seemed to shred
like blaring music
in my ears
that no one else
was privy to hear,
the wicked air
filled with stealth
robbed me of
my precious breath,
killing me little by little,
by the dying light in
my tear-soaked sight.
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 4
by the undercurrent
of this tumultuous
saltwater of my tears
filling my
as I go
was that
a shoreline
in sight,
the distant chance
that silently
calls me?
I may
no, this is not
the rocks,
that hard place,
bashing my aching
brains in;
slashing my pale skin open;
I’m breaking…
gentle hands
lift my marred body
off the treacherous terrain;
caressing my wounds,
kissing my damaged skin,
loving me…
Love me, dearest...
for I love you, too.
I shall
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 2
The Rainbow's Shadow...
He fell in love
the dark side
a rainbow;
the shadowy reflection
color's brightness
in reverse,
dreams untangled
in the flow
of her
raven hair
He lit
a flame
in her name
within her
a light of
and wonderment
beneath a
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 4
Frailty, thy name is...
She's a melancholy
kind of girl,
like a flower,
will wither
she fades
rather than
cry aloud
and burden you
with her
in the dark
will be
her lament,
amongst her friends,
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 1
Charlatan Princess
Vacuous jewel-box
meant to hold the priceless,
but most certainly is not
for the pretense of
charm and grace
reveals itself
every time light is shed with
the waking sun;
revolting decrepitude of
her fallacy...
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 0
Ms. Widow...
Lovers have died
here in my home;
they left by proxy of Death,
when consumed them, I did-
all of them...
He said he loved me;
he did-
and him,
and him;
they all did,
of the loveblood I drank,
nary a he could bear
So I did what I knew most fitting:
spun tangles 'round him and
'our' past,
and placed each of him on my woven silk netting,
trapping any possibility of escape from
the treachery of
~Toxic are we, when in the form of "you and me"; if you are wise, from me you will flee...
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 1 0
A Twist of Fate...
There was that unexpected, fateful
where through wires
I cried to you;
a longing to be
if just a little,
to momentarily bandage that
constantly bleeding wound
that perpetuated
my lonely tears.
A friend indeed,
came you,
to my rescue;
a champion for the cause of
the shattered remains of
what was
my soul.
A broken doll
do I love thee;
I have been since,
fragmented and
entangled in
that softly silkened
netting that is
your love,
and should
love to stay here,
forever wrapped around
your heart,
so that I may
embed myself into it,
a skin that permeates
only for you to
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 2
Who Knew?
You said you did,
although I was unsure;
intuition spoke to me
of your sincerity,
and yet I doubted
what I hadn’t known,
I’ve been told of dreams and
beauteous things called
“you and me”-
and yet had
past history led my heart into
a cage of wariness.
I wanted to love you,
for all that makes you
naturally dear:
the mellifluous manner in which
you speak to me,
the madman cackle that
jolts through my body
every time we laugh together;
the way you listen;
the way I could *hear*
how if you could,
your arms would
take me in
an undyingly loving embrace
any time
I wept my woes to you;
your genuine gentleness.
I wanted to love you,
but feared it so,
for letting my heart go
could surely mean
my ruin
(yet again).
By bold chance,
I risked possible devastation,
for my frail heart
could surely stand to break
no more;
yet right when I gave up,
there you were.
And now,
we are.
:icontherainbowsshadow:therainbowsshadow 2 0


The corridor of the low rent thin-walled hotel was loud with adolescent prattle from the hood; brawling squawk and pre-pubescent bravado amok.  And down the hall a group of charismatic pentecostals were having a vociferous  prayer meeting.  Not only were they talking in tongues they were also shrieking in tongues.

We were in the red room, the din pounding through the walls. But with the music of our fuck we silenced the chaos outside the door.  We shut it down by making love. 

And everything's been pretty relaxed since then.


SkipWilliamson's Profile Picture
Skip Williamson
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
"Artist Skip Williamson (is) Trippier than a sheet of windowpane acid, and often more political than compatriots like R. Crumb, Williamson also invented the "Playboy Funnies" section of America's favorite lad mag. Check out hiscandy-colored paintings and culture-vulture collages."
-- Diablo Cody, Academy Award winning author of "Juno"

Skip Williamson has been painting his colorful and innovative canvasses and penning skeptic mirth for more than 40 years. The Chicago Tribune said "Williamson has a wicked and wordly pen...and his skill as a social commentator is sharp." And Kenneth Baker (Art critic for the San Francisco Examiner) described Williamson's art as "Dead-on as satire and warped cultural memoir. During his thirty year tenure in Chicago New City called him the "Dean of Chicago cartoonists" And William Post Ross observed that Skip Williamson has "Talent not only as a cartoonist, but also as a social prophet of some newly evolved form"

Skip Williamson's work has been exhibited at the New York Cultural Center (NYC), the Maryland Institute of Design (Baltimore), The Chicago 4 Show (Chicago), The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago), the Phoenix Gallery (Berkeley CA), the American Contemporary Graphics Exhibition (a traveling exhibition), the Museum of Comic Art (Northhampton MA), the Cororan Gallery at the Dupont Center (Washington DC), the Lucca Festival (Lucca Italy), the Tate Gallery of Modern Art (London), the La Luz de Jesus gallery (LA), Gallery Bink (Portland OR), L'art Noir New Orleans (New Orleans LA) and many others. His work has been shown throughout Europe in the Comix 2000 traveling exhibition sponsored by the French publisher L'Association.

In 2000 Williamson exhibited his paintings in a solo show at Atlanta's Eyedrum Gallery. Dr. Jerry Cullum (Senior editor of Art Papers) wrote in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution "Williamson knows how to put together a picture, balancing color and skewed perspective as effectively as any realist painter would...He fits perfectly into a type of art…in which a cartoon style is put to intelligent but outrageous uses. And his cynical view of humanity, worthy of such past satirists as Honore Daumier, is dead-on regarding the place where most people are".

"And yet, so much art reveals the places where people never even consider going. But that's not Williamson's concern. He reflectively steps on toes, and he rocks."

Williamson has taught and/or lectured at the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Chicago, Harper College, Columbia College, the University of Illinois, the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Atlanta College of Art and more. And he has received over 40 awards for his art and design, including a Gold Award from the Art Director's Club of New York, a Silver from the Society of Illustrators, six consecutive awards from Communication Arts magazine, five certificates of distinction from Art Direction magazine, Society of Publication Design Award of Merit and an Award of Design Excellence from the Tokyo Designer's Gaukin College.

Williamson is undoubtedly best known for his own dissolute cartoon and comic strip menagerie. One that has been translated into over a dozen languages and has "been hung in art galleries from Berkeley to Paris. Natives from New Guinea have written fan letters by firelight. CBS television covered his career, and never one to hesitate at the footlights to success, he always took the existential leap into the crowd." Skip Williamson has been described as "a modern day visual Boswell." And his drawings and paintings have been auctioned at Sotheby's, Christie's and Heritage auction houses.

In 1968, along with Robert Crumb and Jay Lynch, Williamson helped launch Bijou Funnies, one of the earliest and longest running underground comix titles. Some years later The Comix Journal said "Skip Williamson is still the quintessential underground comix artist." And that "where (Robert) Crumb's primary comix aim was introspective...Williamson took a broader look, skewering both left-wing trendiness and right-wing over-reaction at a time of much-publicized left-wing trendiness. Crumb's approach may have been more...artistically "legitimate". But to those of us struggling to make sense of the socio-political chaos, Williamson was frequently the funnier."

During the 70s and 80s Skip Williamson was art director at Playboy magazine. At Playboy he created the popular "Playboy Funnies" section and introduced millions of readers to his characters, the sordid Neon Vincent and the post-modern couple Nell 'n' Void.

As a cartoon illustrator Williamson's art has been published by such diverse institutions as The National Lampoon and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Or Money magazine and the Industrial Worker.

In the corporate arena Skip Williamson has produced print advertising for McDonald's, Seven-Up, Bosch, United Airlines and many more.

Williamson is completing work on a massive collection of his art and an accompanying memoir titled "Terra Incognita". And documentary filmmaker John Kinhart is currently making a film about Skip Williamson's life and art, tentatively titled "Pigheaded".


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Thanks for the encouragement, Skip. :huggle: :heart:
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